About the Klepto

Picture a blonde. Gorgeous curls. Legs that go for miles. A chest to rest a teacup on (or anything else, for that matter). Hips to hold and a delicate waist.

Done? Clearly I wasn’t describing myself, but who doesn’t like a little guided imagining. (Did I really just say that? Guided imagining? Next I’ll be suggesting we make rose water…)

I bake for fun and to bring my friends fat-ness…erm..happiness. The Culinary Klepto is a product of too much free time at the end of my masters (Isn’t this supposed to be the most stressful time of my degree!?!), my flatmate buying a decent camera, and my penchant for spending my food budget on frivolous baking supplies. In summation: it was an inspired idea.

I have a theory that “secret recipes” are a load of ****. Food is meant to be shared, after all. So over the course of this blog you’ll find recipes you may have seen in some cookbook, some that my friends have given to me, and quite a few family recipes. (I’m convinced I have the best recipe for plain waffles in the world. And the recipes I use for oat and for gingerbread waffles are definitely up there. Therefore, it is my duty to share :D) I generally don’t bother sourcing things because, quite frankly, mostly I can’t remember where I found them, but I do have a serious soft-spot for fellow bloggers. So rest at ease 😀 I’ll not steal your hard worked on recipes without a proper shout out!!

*I cannot be trusted not to play around with the recipes I find. Chances are that any recipe I steal will sustain a few injuries (aka: improving changes) here and there.*

Over and out,
The Culinary Klepto


5 thoughts on “About the Klepto

    • Thanks so much gypsy moon silver spoon! (That rolls off the tongue nicely.)
      I’ve been on a bit of a summer hiatus — aka still baking, but too hot and lazy to take pictures of it 😛 — but the cold and the rain have got my blog beckoning again 🙂

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