Spiced Vanilla Mug Cake

Living on my own has given me a bit of a single-portion obsession. It’s a self-preservation thing. You see, wanting to ‘have my cake and eat it too’ has never been something I’ve suffered from. I am very happy to gazzouffel* the whole darned thing. (Sentimentality is for memories and movies, not things that belong in my belly.) So the only way to save my waistline and my soul — you know, veggies for the body, cake for the soul — was to develop a love of tiny desserts. Ones that I can finish without inducing a sugar coma.

Enter the fabled Mug Cake.

I’ve played around with different mug cake recipes but, I’ll admit, they would only be considered a single portion to someone going through a break-up or over 6 ft tall. They were delicious, but just too big, so I started tinkering. And here is the result: a dainty, light, perfectly-portioned delight in a mug. The Spiced Vanilla Mug Cake.

*It is only in writing this post that I realise gazzouffel may not be a real word. All my life I have thought it was… but no matter how I spelt it, I couldn’t find it on google. If someone can help me out with this, I’d be eternally grateful. Or at least grateful until I forget…


2 tsp melted butter
4 tsp brown sugar
a touch of cinnamon
a touch of nutmeg
a touch of allspice
pinch salt
1/4 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp self-raising flour
2 tbsp milk

Before we get started, let’s talk about what I mean by a ‘a touch of’ as regards the spices. The picture below shows the amount of Allspice I used. It is a seriously small amount. The measuring spoon pictured is only 1/8 tsp… so I put in like… less than 1/32 tsp. I used the same amount of nutmeg and about twice as much cinnamon, since it isn’t as overpowering a spice.


Now for the baking!

Melt the butter (2 tsp or a tad more) in a microwaveable cup or bowl. Add the brown sugar (4 tsp), spices, salt, and vanilla (1/4 tsp). Stir in the self-raising flour (2 tbsp). Add the milk (2 tbsp) and combine.


Pour the batter into a mug.

DSCN6478And microwave for 1-2 minutes. Mine took 1min 20sec.

Add a dollop of ice-cream or whipped cream and enjoy!